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FSC Design Award - Wooden Fairy Tales

Forests are not only enchantingly beautiful, they are also of vital importance to people and animals. Eighty percent of all plants and animals and millions of people depend on forests. They are the richest ecosystems on earth. They purify our air and provide us with clean water. And on top of all of that, they provide one of our most valuable resources: timber. These are just some reasons that forests deserve to be treated properly!

Forest Stewardship Council
FSC values the environment. So when you buy timber and paper with the FSC logo, you can be sure that it comes from well-managed forests. Did you know that, contrary to what lots of people believe, the use of tropical FSC timber is also sustainable? By using it, you give important rainforests economic value. This way, you help foster better management by giving forest owners an incentive to manage their natural resources in a more sustainable way.

Participate in the FSC Design Award 2016
You can contribute by always checking if the products you buy are from a sustainable source. Or go a step further and design a sustainable product yourself! Do you have an idea about how we can give sustainable forestry a more modern image? If so, this is your chance to pay back Mother Nature and win an unforgettable trip.

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