FSC Forest Calculation Tool

Use the FSC® Forest Calculation Tool to calculate how much m2 (square meters) of forest is protected by choosing FSC-certified timber for a specific project. Enter how many m3 (cubic meters) of FSC-certified timber is applicated in the project. If it consists of both tropical timber and European timber, you can do the calculation one by one and add the numbers.

How much wood is used in your project?

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0 m² of forest

Cutting down trees in the tropics and still protecting the forest seems like a contradiction, but this is not. An FSC-certified forest is divided into plots. A limited number of trees are cut from a parcel, often only one or two trees per hectare. After this, the entire parcel is left alone for 30 years to recover. This keeps the forest healthy. Every year, another plot of the forest produces the desired wood. The more sustainable wood we use in project, the greater the total area we can give value as forest and can protect this way.

How did we calculate this?

The harvest data from various FSC concessions show that a surface of more than 1,000 m2 of tropical forest (0.1 hectare) yields about 1 m3 of hardwood. Because the harvest can vary per hardwood species, averages have been used. From a plot of northern forest more timber can be harvested. The starting point for this tool is the production of North European pine wood, because this species covers more than 80% of the Dutch market of northern timber. This FSC® Forest Calculation Tool is a first step in quantifying the positive impact of using FSC wood on forest protection. No rights can be reserved from the tool and the calculated impacts.

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